Published: 05.06.2015
This last day of spring on the 31st of May a remarkable and memorable event took place in Kobrin on the eve of the International Day for Protection of Children. The toys festival organized by Polesie turned to a fairy holiday for the children of the town. The event was created and developed to success thanks to zeal and enthusiasm of the management and employees of the company.

Those attending the festival were deeply touched by its friendly and honest atmosphere. The idea to make this day a fairy tale for children came true. And the heavens were graceful granting the fine comfortable weather to bring the holiday to perfection.

праздник детской игрушки Полесье

Floods of people, thousands of kids among them, gathered at Polesie Trade Center fourcourt by 11 a.m. longing for the start of the holiday program.


The toys festival was opened by Mr. Valentin Trubchik, Vice Mayor of Kobrin, who thanked the management and employees of Polesie for a well-organized holiday program which included funny battery cars, bikes and ride-ons racing (all Polesie made items)..

Kids participating in that competition got a lot of fun, there were no losers. All got plenty of fun on play areas and enjoyed riding and playing in the sand and tried a bit of everything. Hundreds of sand castles were built that sunny day and a lot of new friends were made while playing with Polesie sand toys.


Not kids alone had fun while playing with a great variety of sand items made by Polesie. Their parents got plenty of emotions too. Items to all tastes were available on the play grounds, blocks, racing cars, play sets for both boys and girls were at kids’ disposal. Every kid couldn’t help but enjoy each Polesie item manufactured with love for them.

Room for girls with play kitchens and beauty salons where everyone could try herself as a young hairdresser seemed to attract not only kids, but their moms as well.

Having played with sand sets and tried all the bikes and battery cars the kids found themselves in amazing labyrinths assembled by Polesie personnel. Wandering from sector to sector one could see how happy the kids were, surrounded by the tender loving care of their parents.

Quite a number of spectators gathered around the painting and coloring sector. Each kid’s drawing was appraised and awarded by attending animators with special prizes –toys of Polesie manufacture.

RC Drift model racing was another activity that attracted visitors during the event. Seemingly easy the competition requires special skills and serious training.

The company granted both the RC Drift winner and medalists special prizes: battery cars of Polesie manufacture.

Not only toys and toy sets were available for free playing on this last day of spring. For those fond of jumping, inflatable trampoline was at their disposal. Popcorn and cotton candy were offered everywhere. Toys of all kinds were on sale and different competitions were available to take part in.

One could also enjoy masterly roller skating of teen-agers and kids under 7 years old.

The roller skating was followed by the concert given by young performers such as dancing group “Pralesachki”, studio of modern dances “Modern”, kindergarten of School No 4, kindergarten No 20, folk band “Taukachyki”, etc. which attracted many of those present at the holiday.

The most striking and outstanding performances were recognized with diplomas and prizes – sweet-stuffs and toys made by Polesie.

RC models racing - one more event that attracted boys and girls during the holiday. Many of them wanted to get skills in operating them.

A master class in driving was shown by teenagers and kids of the local Voluntary Society for Assistance to Army, Air Force and Navy, Alexander Friedlender, a young biker, among them. Though being just 6 years of age, his masterly bike driving is really worthwhile seeing. This young boy has taken part in many professional events and gained prize-winning places not once.

One more activity worthwhile participating in during the holiday – men and women teams playing beach volleyball. Those participated were awarded with prizes and presents from Polesie.

One could also have his face painted with watercolors by professional makeup men.

Taking pictures with fairytale and cartoon heroes seemed to be one of the most fascinating and popular things among kids and their parents.

During two days of the holiday on 31st May and 1st June Polesie Trade Center was offering 10 % discounts for all items for children (toys, clothes and footwear).

The toys festival scored a great success where children enjoyed their own world of fun and games. The company looks forward to make the next event even more gorgeous and more diverse, so that any who attended the event could proudly say “I was there at Polesie Toys Fest!”, and every employee of the company could proudly answer “I work for Polesie!”

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